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Sundays at 10:00am

Pierre’s Theater 
37 N Main Street
Victor, ID 83455

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Outside of Fresh Life Teton at Pierre's Theater
Teton Campus Kevin Guido and Family

Campus Leadership

Pastor Kevin Guido

Kevin started following Jesus during high school in El Paso, Texas. He attended Liberty University and then worked full time at a high adventure camp in New Mexico.  He then moved to Albuquerque to pursue a career in music after having songs he had written get radio play. While there, he took on the role of College Pastor at a large church where he met his wife, Alaina, and served along Pastor Levi and Jennie in the student ministry.

In 2007, Kevin and his wife moved Kalispell, Montana to join the Lusko family to start Fresh Life Church. Since then, Kevin has served the church in many roles in leading worship, in design and in production. In 2017, the Guido family moved to Jackson Hole to launch a Fresh Life campus in the Tetons. Kevin currently serves on the Executive Lead Team as Chief Strategy and also serves as Campus Pastor of the Fresh Life Teton Campus. 


There is plenty of parking available on Main Street just in front of Pierre’s Theatre.

Glad you asked! We have an incredible environment ready to welcome your kids Kindergarten through 5th grade. Fresh Life Kids is located in the building at the back of the courtyard (Pierre’s Patio) immediately to the left of the theatre entrance. You can learn more about Fresh Life Kids here.

Students older than 12 we consider Fresh Life Students. We love to welcome students into the gathering on Sunday morning to sit under the teaching of God’s word and serve on a team. 

Wear whatever feels comfortable!  If you just got off the mountain, then roll up the ski pants and come on in!

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