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Whether or not you’re a “kid person,” there is something to be learned from the kids in your life.

- Part 6

Main Scripture: Mark 10:13-16

God’s heart is for children, so our hearts should be for children too. Looking at the way Jesus loved children and His example in coming down as a child, discover how He has called us to love kids, reach kids, and depend on Him as though we were kids.

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00:00 Welcome to Week 6 of The Table!
01:18 What does “The Kid’s Table” mean to you?
02:00 God loves the kids table!
01:45 Mark 10.13-16
04:30 Jesus invites the kids in!
13:08 Title: Come Closer to the Magic of Christmas
13:50 Point One: Jesus Loves Kids
14:22 Psalms 127.3-5
15:22 Point Two: Jesus Loves to Use Kids
16:10 Matthew 18.3-5
18:50 Jesus sees us as His children
19:25 There is no Junior High Holy Spirit!
27:23 Point Three: Jesus Calls us His Kids and to be Like Kids
28:27 Point Four: Jesus Calls Us to do Everything We Can to Reach Kids
40:05 If You Just Gave Your Life to Jesus, Tell us!

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