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Lean into the power of raising your voice to God.

- Part 4

Main Scripture: Psalm 145: 4-6

Learn how the roar of worship can soothe your aching heart, sync your heart with heaven, spread hope to a hurting world, and terrify the enemy.

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00:00 Welcome to Week 4 of Words for Worship!
00:12 Shabach Definition
05:02 Title – What is it Good For?
05:40 Psalm 145.1-21
17:05 Luke 17.11-19
27:00 Point One – The Roar of Worship Soothes our Aching Hearts
27:50 2 Chronicles 15.14-15
Point Two – The Roar of Worship Syncs our Hearts with Heaven
29:09 Revelation 5.11-12
31:55 Point Three – The Roar of Worship Sends us into Battle
32:09 Joshua 6.20
34:22 Ephesians 6.12
35:42 Point Four – The Roar of Worship Spreads Hope to a Hurting World
37:00 Psalm 100.1
37:17 Isaiah 12.4-6
37:50 Point Five – The Roar of Worship Strengthens The Next Generation
38:55 Psalm 145.4-6
41:00 Point Six – The Roar of Worship Scares the Enemy
41:24 The Roar of Worship Sets God in His Right Place in our Hearts and on His Throne
41:35 Psalm 47.1-2
47:25 If you just committed your life to Jesus, tell us!!

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