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We cannot live right or love right if we don’t first learn to think right.

- Part 1

Main Scripture: 1 Corinthians 14:33

In everything, but especially in the context of relationships, God is not the author of confusion, but rather, of peace. When we find ourselves confused, we need to get back to God’s intentions and find that He offers us clarity and confidence in our purpose, plans, and relational pursuits.

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00:00 Pastor Levi Lusko shares an opening story
05:19 Welcome to our new series I Think I Love You
08:01 1 Corinthians 14.33
08:32 Romans 12.2
09:33 Proverbs 23.7
09:57 Proverbs 16.3
14:18 Title of this message ‘What To Think About When You Think About Dating’
14:38 Two things to think about while you think about dating.
Number 1 You Have a Purpose
15:14 Colossians 3.17
23:16 Number 2 God Has A Plan
24:41 Jeremiah 1.5
26:55 Proverbs 18.22
30:03 4 Things that will be the result of knowing you have a purpose and that God has a plan
Point 1 Takes off the Pressure
33:14 David Brooks quote
37:58 Timothy Keller
40:47 Point 2 Stand for Purity
44:00 1 Timothy 5.2
45:12 2 Timothy 2.22
47:36 Ephesians 6.11
47:50 Point 3 Lean on Your People
50:30 Point 4 Don’t Give Up the Pursuit
51:24 Amos 3.3
53:37 Psalms 37.4
54:02 Prayer, we invite you to give your life to Jesus.

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